The Food Dreams Are Made Of


I was making a list of reasons Magic Butter is so awesome.  It's delicious.  It's healthy.  It's versatile.  It's planet-friendly.  It's human-friendly. When food tastes decadent but turns out to be incredibly good for you it's like it's the Food of Your Dreams or something. So I wrote that down.  

But then something took me off-guard.  It dawned on me that this is also my dream.  I've always wanted to start my own business doing something good in the world.  

Giving people something healthy and delicious while bringing the market to Organic Tree Farmers feels like that good. 

Food is an expression of love.  We all know how true that is when we give food to someone.  Even birds and lions give food to their relations. Giving food expresses bonds among animals who can't talk just as it does for us.    

But what about the people, animals and plants upstream from us?  What about the farmers who grew the food?  Or the plants and animals who became the food?  What about the web of life that makes it all possible every day?  Or the planet that keeps it all in harmony?  What about the Creator of All Things (however you interpret that)?  

When we choose something to eat, love is actually flowing in two directions - to the recipient of the food and also to the provider of the food.  And really it actually flows in all directions; the person who ate something yummy might be a little nicer to the clerk at the convenience store.  If you buy your food from a Tree farmer, you're supporting more trees on the planet and we all benefit. 

That's the Magic. It's the love that flows in two directions and then spills out all over the place. That makes it the food of your dreams and mine. That's what made me decide that  there's no reason to make it personal.  It's yours.  It's mine.  It's for all sentient beings.  It's simply The Food Dreams Are Made Of. I'm good with that.


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